Closet Organization

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2 Tips to maximize spacing in your closet

1. Fold your sweaters, this way they will keep their shape and allow space for your blouses and blazers.

2. Fold your heavy pants such as jeans, cord, and leather bottoms as these items are heavy enough that folding them will not cause them to wrinkle and more space is available to hang easily wrinkled items.


I love jumpsuits

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I love jumpsuits

Christian Louboutin high heel shoes
$685 –

Chanel purse

Effy Jewelry 14k ring

Fendi watch

Gucci round sunglasses

My way to Jaz up a boring dress

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Simple, yet creative way to add boldness to what could be considered โ€œboring neutralโ€ is to add a bold shoe, jewelry and/or jewelry color. Here, I jazzed this simple dress neutral dress up by adding yellow as my accessory.. @aldo_shoes @charmingcharlieflowood @newandcompany #charmingcharlie #aldoshoes #stylist #fashion #beauty #style #blogger #wordpressblogger

Untitled #709

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Untitled #709

Balmain blazer
$1,805 –

Barbour slim fit pants
$40 –

Giuseppe Zanotti platform sandals
$780 –

Chanel handbag
$5,515 –

Diamond stud earrings

My style

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My style

Palazzo pants

Balmain shoes
$1,345 –

Yves Saint Laurent tassel purse
$1,785 –

Antique earrings

Round frame sunglasses
$700 –

Lipstick Queen moisturizing lipstick
$30 –

Just a little something

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Just a little something

Dolce Gabbana white blouse

Raye thigh high heel boots
$250 –

Chanel handbag
$3,370 –

Heart jewellery
$865 –

Sterling silver earrings